Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Since I've started making jewelry I have been drawn into the metaphysical properties of natural gemstones. It's fascinating, really.

Of course, many of these stem from folklore passed on for generations and generations, but it's insightful to know the history of these stones. Not only are they beautiful, but they have healing properties as well? I don't know about you- but that's enough to make me wear more jewelry. :)

For example:

10 mm pink amethyst cabochons

Did you know that amethyst is able to relieve worries & anxiety? It's also known to enhance mental strength. It's a powerful crystal that encourages purification, calm, and transition and transformation.
Popular wearers include Cleopatra, whom wore it as a ring. Another is Leonardo Di Vinci, whom believed in it's powers and wore it as a protective talisman (against evil thoughts and to encourage intellect).
The thing is, in order for to benefit from the metaphysical properties of the actual gemstone you need to have the gem come in contact with your skin.
This insight inspired my new! line of rings, necklaces and bracelets. All of the jewelry in this collection will have open back bezels, which allows contact between you and the beautiful gem.
Look for some sneak peeks in the coming week(s)!

1000 Markets!

Yay! My store is now live on 1000 Markets.

If you haven't been, its a wonderful new (to me) webstore for handcrafted goods. It's a great site, very modern and user friendly. It's a juried site, so in order to join the markets, you will have to submit to a jury process. It's full of beautiful work, gorgeous images, and just all around lovely stuff.

I heart 1000markets.

Come join the fun!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Leaflette-organic 14K necklace


Leaflette- 14K Goldfill Lariat with Sparkling Garnet Briolette

This is a new line I'm pretty excited about. I love the assymetry with the hand forged 14K gold fill leaf on only one side.

I am working on a sterling silver/ labradorite and rainbow moonstone version as well.
Let me know if you have any custom requests in mind. The gemstone possibilities are just endless!
The necklace shown is very limited edition, since I only have a few of these precious garnet gemstones available.
For sale at my shop!