Wednesday, November 11, 2009

handknits for nerds.

My husband is such a techie. He loves fancy electronic gadgets. A lot of his free time is spent on tech sites where he oogles and drools over the newest toys.
Well, until recently he has had the worst cell phone imaginable. Picture a small silver cell phone, the screen is about an inch wide, and there are no high tech capabilities whatsoever. I don't even think it has a camera on it.

(1999 called. They want their cell phone back.)

Finally, this week he got a new toy. It's the brand new Droid from Verizon wireless, and he loves it. The problem with a new phone though, is it didn't have a case for it yet. So.. being crafty and such, I knit him one.

Handknit with super soft and squishy merino wool, it has nice ribbing at the top to prevent it from slipping out, and fits oh so perfectly.
A little andriod guy made out of wool felt waves to you from the bottom.
After numerous nudges from my hubby, I also listed one in my handknits etsy shop. See if there are more nerdos like him who would like one.
He said it's robolicious. What do you think?